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Do you know why most marathoners and half-marathoners fail to reach their goals?

It's not because of their training, or their nutrition, or a lack of desire...

Whether it’s finishing their first full marathon or achieving a new PR, most runners haven’t developed the right mindset they need to consistently get the job done.

For example, you might find yourself always struggling with low motivation, or lack of confidence, or never feeling like you'll ever be a "good" runner.

If you want to run faster, run farther, and perform at your best, you have to bring your MIND and your BODY into alignment.

What got you here,
won't get you there.

The mistake most people make is thinking they can continue doing the same things the same way and somehow get different results.

I’ve tried that over and over again and I’m here to tell you it never, ever works. I needed someone to show me a different way of doing things.

Let me show you a different way to train for your next half or full marathon. Isn't now the right time to take action toward becoming the badass runner you were meant to be?

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The Runner's Edge Mindset Coaching & Training Program

A comprehensive online coaching and training program designed specifically to help runners like you develop the mindset you need to achieve powerful results.

When you join The Runner's Edge today, you'll get:

Mindset Training

Training your mind to work FOR you instead of AGAINST you is one of the most important aspects of running. The problem though, is that most training plans (and most coaches) do not teach you how to do this! As a Master Mindset Coach, I focus a lot of my coaching on building the mental toughness you need to make running easier, faster, and more fun.

Online Coaching

When you join The Runner's Edge, you'll get live coaching in our private Facebook group. Most group coaching programs only share generic, one-size-fits-all content with their members. I want to help you with your individual issues, so you'll get a chance to ask your own questions and occasionally get on a hot seat call with me for some powerful one-on-one coaching.

A Supportive Community

Our private Facebook group is comprised of other runners just like you. It's a fun, supportive, and safe place to ask questions, get help and learn all about building mental toughness, how to overcome failure, how to gain confidence as a runner and so much more!

Video Training Library

Every training and coaching session will be archived on our members-only website. You’ll be able to go back and see every training call and coaching session we’ve done.


The best part about joining The Runner's Edge is that it will NOT break your wallet. You'll get all the mindset training, you'll have lifetime access to the ever-growing video library, LIVE online coaching, a supportive community of runners like you, all for less than $1 per day!

Join The Runner's Edge Mindset Training & Coaching Program for only $26.2/mo

This is a subscription-based program. The longer you stay, the more valuable it becomes for you. We are always adding new training and coaching videos, LIVE coaching sessions, and so much more! There’s no contract, no commitment, and you can cancel anytime without any questions asked.

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Your Instructor & Coach

My name is Patrick McGilvray and I’m an experienced marathoner, ultrarunner, running coach, and mindset expert. I believe mindset is the most powerful and most underrated tool you have as a runner.

I’ve devoted my life to helping runners like you develop the mindset you need to fuel your inner fire and become the badass runner you were always meant to be.